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Henry Barnes

HENRY BARNES was born in Jamaica known to most of his friends as Barney {nick named by Eddy Grant} and he was educated in London England, later met up with Eddy Grant of the Equals and was asked to stand in for him by former member EDDY GRANT himself due to his ill health.

Since then HENRY had worked with a Band named 90 Degrees Inclusive as singer, guitarist and songwriter Henry was responsible for hit for the Band 90 Degrees inclusive Tracks like Revolution , Slave with the guidance of EDDY GRANT the Band Producer.

Moving on he then then owned a Recording Studio in London where Trevor Walters, Christina Joy White, EDDY GRANT 90 Degrees Inclusive, SENYA JIMMY HAYNES, Front Line Band, WAYNE MARSHALL, PRINCESS known as DES'REE ,GINGER WILLIAMS, NEW DEAL,LLOYD CHARMERS, HONEY BOY, ELLEN BLAIR, HUGH FRANCIS and many more.

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